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7 Profound Emotional Benefits Of Reading

Emotional Benefits Of Reading
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Reading is often seen as a solitary activity, one that can be perceived as dull or uninteresting. Many people may be sceptical about the idea that reading can have emotional benefits.

However, recent research has shown that reading can be an effective tool for improving mental health and overall wellbeing

Of course we know that reading can be  fun, and most people take it as a hobby. Also, generally, reading is cognitively important as it adds to your knowledge and understanding. It makes you more conscious of your environment and improves your communication.

Nevertheless, reading does not only benefit cognitive health; social and emotional health are inclusive.

In this article, we will discuss the emotional benefits of reading.

7 Emotional Benefits Of Reading

Here are the seven emotional benefits of reading you get to enjoy as a vivid reader.

1. Makes you more understanding

One of the attributes of sound emotional health is when the individual understands. Reading borders your perspective on life, making you more tolerant and understanding of others, especially those from different tribes, races, or cultures.

Some researchers at The New School in New York City have shown evidence that literary fiction “enhances a reader’s capacity to understand what others are thinking and feeling.” 

Another study proved the connection between reading fiction and scoring high in social and empathy acumen tests.

2. Reduces stress

Reading helps to reduce the stress that can mess up your emotional health. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.”

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In 2009, some researchers measured the effects of humor, yoga, and reading on the stress level of students in health science programs in the United States. The study showed that 30 minutes of reading lowered the feeling of psychological distress as humor and yoga did.

You can lighten up your mood by reading comic humor, which helps in reducing stress.

3. Provides a healthy way to escape

One of the ways to escape from reality or take your mind off this world is by reading. Reading allows you to invent a reality yourself, giving you an event in which you are involved. It induces you into the character more than what a TV show or movie can do.

4. Makes you more empathetic 

According to Research, reading literary fiction stories helps you to explore the inner lives of characters – this heightened your ability to understand the belief and feelings of others.

Empathic is a sign of strong emotional health. As a vivid literary fiction reader, you develop a good theory of mind. This helps you to adapt and connect to people from different cultures and situations, making you a better person.

5. Promotes better night rest

Mayo Clinic doctor recommends reading as an effective sleep routine. To achieve a good night’s sleep, you are advised to read a print book rather than a digital book because the light emitting from the device can keep you awake.

Try reading a book before you sleep, and see the wonders of it.

6. Alleviate depression symptoms

People with depression often feel estranged and isolated from the world. Reading fiction helps them to escape temporarily from their world. It immerses them into a new reality that alleviates depression symptoms temporarily.

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A depressed person can learn strategies to manage the symptoms through reading fiction self-help books. This is why the United Kingdom’s National Health Service started the Reading Well, a Books on Prescription program, where people with specific conditions get prescribed self-help books by medical experts.


7. Helps you to live longer

A study was conducted on 3,635 adults for 12 years, and it showed that those that read books survived about 2 years longer compared to those who didn’t read books, magazines, or other forms of media.


Ensure you develop the habit of reading today to unlock these immense emotional benefits of the reading stated above. Developing the reading habit can be tiredly at first, but if you preserve it, you shall surely reap the benefits. 

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