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Best Tips to Stay Relevant to Build a Solid Instagram Gym Strategy amid COVID-19

When COVID-19 has created havoc all over the world, many industries have been hit by the pandemic, including tourism, automobile, and gym supply companies. During normal times, there is a huge demand for gym equipment among fitness freaks, but with the corona crisis and people maintaining social distancing, the demand for gym products has dipped significantly.
According to an article published on Forbes, the corona pandemic has affected numerous businesses, but the gym and fitness industry has been hit significantly. The gyms are closed with the noble cause of preventing the spread of corona and containing the pandemic.

Though the gym industry is facing a tough challenge amid the crisis, health clubs have figured out ways to stay relevant. They are making the most out of their Instagram strategy to survive at the crisis hour. Here is how:

Instagram gym strategy

Make the most of Instagram Insights

Yes, Instagram Insights will help you provide your business with essential data related to your health club and gym. You would know how your social media pages are performing, especially your posts. It will help you post content that resonates best with your audience amid the pandemic. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if you notice that your generic health-related posts are not doing well, tweak your content to stay relevant amid the crisis. Post how you can work out maintaining social distancing as long as the pandemic lasts.

Using insights will let you access data related to impressions, weekly performance, website clicks, followers, and of course, overall reach. Moreover, insights will provide you with demographics data. You will know when your followers will stay active the most on Instagram as well as the location. If you think this will be difficult for you to handle, a good company can help manage instagram accounts, and provide the necessary insights you need. You can also buy Instagram followers when you are just starting out to help your level of engagement and reach within this platform, especially when it comes to a competitive topic like fitness. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of help, just make sure that you can maintain this following by regularly posting the kind of great content that your followers will want to engage with and share.

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Know your health club goals

When you have a gym and hit hard by the pandemic, you can make the most out of your Instagram posts to realize your business goals. For example, if your objective is to promote your new gym trainer, you will need to target people who would like to stay connected virtually with this trainer to stay fit and healthy. Instagram is the best tool to create buzz amid the pandemic. Instagram Insights will recognize your targeted customers and promote your gym photos and videos accordingly.

Connect with your community

The best social media strategy for your gym amid the crisis is through the implementation of a marketing plan to develop a rock-solid and interactive community. It will help you buy Instagram followers and likes for your health club and grow your audience.
The photo-sharing platform is the best social media site for communicating with people, leveraging call-to-actions (CTAs) to build user engagement, arranging contests and competitions, and reposting customer content too.

Instagram gym strategy

Add value to your followers

When times are tough, and your customers and followers are maintaining social distancing amid the corona pandemic, you must offer some value to your audience. Did you know that stunning visuals serve as awesome and motivational messages to pique follower interest? You can post some motivational photos and videos of staying in shape and working the muscles from the comfort of your home without visiting the gym amid the pandemic.

You can also post some before and after workout images of your clients to show how they have lost weight to stay muscular and strong.

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Make the most out of Instagram Stories

All big businesses and brands are using the Stories feature of Instagram every day amid the corona crisis. Are you doing the same? If not, it is high that you use stories to reach out to your targeted audience through social media. Did you know that approximately two million top businesses are using the Stories feature of Instagram even during the corona crisis?

Use stories for posting Instagram content related to your gym, behind-the-scenes shots, and interesting workout videos to stay relevant amid the COVID-19 crisis. Doing this will boost your social media engagement, but you can also explore others ways to boost your social media engagement. You can find out some important Social Boost information that will help your Instagram page.

Use appropriate ads

When it comes to Instagram, it is known for its advertising potential. The photo-sharing site is driven by the robust targeting choices of Facebook. You can use the same ads on both Instagram as well as Facebook. As far as these ads are concerned, they have a stunning visual design and appeal.

Then, while using ads, keep these subtle and add some compassion and empathy considering the current corona pandemic. You can promote your health services subtly and put more focus on how your fans and customers are doing to stay in shape from the comfort of their homes during the lockdown. Avoid direct promotion of gym equipment or services. You can post ads mentioning how your new treadmill will help you stay in shape. Try these tips, and you will benefit.

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Instagram plays a pivotal role in helping health clubs or gyms to stay relevant and connected to their fans and followers. It will also help your business to reach out to your prospective customers amid the pandemic and lockdown.

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