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Top 8 Tips to Burn Your Christmas Calories in Winter

Tips to Burn Your Christmas Calories in Winter
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Whether you go out of the city for winter holidays or stay at home being lazy, gaining weight stays with you as a problem. Excessive eating, lack of Vitamin D, and many other reasons trigger weight gain in winter. On top of that, the cozy temperature refrains us to work out to achieve our weight loss goals.

Problems, problems, and problems. Wait; there’s a solution to it. Believe us; it is quite simple.

You know what people say: The little things make an enormous impact on your life! You might be wondering what can be those little things that can shape your body? So here are the top eight tips that will help you in burning your Christmas calories in winter.

1. Bits and pieces workout:

We know, in winter, laziness tops the list, especially in the morning. However, studies say working out in the morning makes you comparatively slim and healthy. Hence, instead of exercising for an hour in the morning, separate it into bits and pieces. To cut everything short, work out for 10 minutes twice or thrice a day whenever you get time.

At the office, you can take 10 minutes break and climb staircases or walk under the sunlight. You can even perform some chair workouts or go for yoga. Doing exercise in such patterns can help you lose more weight.

2. Sleeping is the best meditation:

Whether you’re suffering from stress, work pressure, or weight gain trauma, sleeping is the best medicine for everything. It is not a hidden fact that every individual need at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep. If you sleep for less than minimum hours, then it can cause weight gain. Yes, you read it right.

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Your body needs time to repair cells and reduce your stress. The serotonin levels in your body assist in weight loss and also heightens your metabolism. Conversely, lack of sleep escalates your cortisol levels, causing you depression and increasing tendency to eat more.

3. Hydration is a key:

Generally, people misunderstand hydration for hunger and end up eating like a horse and that too unhealthy food. Not only this, in winters, we usually drink less water. Hence, increase your amount of water consumption to strengthen your metabolism.

You can intake lots of water before having your meals so that you eat less. Daily 10-12 glasses of water are necessary, though in different forms. Most of the people like having tea a lot in the cold atmosphere (of course with hot and stuffed eateries). But tea lovers, make sure you know which is better – loose leaf tea or tea bags before consuming any one of them. You can even have fresh juices of apples and oranges.

4. Serve yourself with protein and fibre:

Men usually have protein powder for their muscles, so they tend to lose weight faster, but that is not the case with women. Hence, a slight increase in the intake of protein can show a remarkable change in your weight as they increase your metabolism. Similarly, fibre improves digestion, reducing the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

In a nutshell, fill your plate with pulses, low-fat dairy products, egg, chicken, fish, soy, green peas, and so on. But do remember, don’t go in excess; it can harm your kidneys; if possible, eat under any professional’s guidance.

5. Home-cooked meals are healthier and best:

So difficult to follow this diet! While holidaying and partying during Christmas, it is tough to eat home-cooked meals. But in case you’re missing all these things and staying at home, then do keep it on your to-do list.

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Outside or restaurant food contains a lot of calories. Contrary to this, home food is hygienic (especially in the COVID world); also, it carries fewer calories and more taste (goes without saying). Additionally, chewing fruits like apples and oranges or roasted snacks can help you to bid goodbye to your weight.

6. Be smart with your carb:

Your body does need carbs, but not too much; that’s unhealthy. Excessive carbohydrates in your body can make their route to high blood sugar levels, causing your body to create more insulin. It would indirectly result in weight gain.

Choosing healthy veggies and fruits and less or no consumption of sugar can control your weight. The first thing you should do is swap your white bread for whole wheat bread and regular pasta to whole grain pasta.

Tips to Burn Your Christmas Calories in Winter

7. Let the sun kiss your skin:

In case you don’t know, lack of sunlight in the winter days can cause weight gain. On the other hand, sunlight can stop dips in serotonin. Serotonin helps to enhance your mood; its low levels could indicate depression, insomnia, and weight gain.

So, take efforts to get exposed to sunlight in winter to reduce your appetite, food cravings, and your weight too. Sit near the window or take a walk in the garden (if you have) during day time. It is especially for those who are staying at home all day long or work in the odd hours.

8. Happy soul = healthy body:

How many people go on munching snacks in stress and frustration? Almost all! According to Psychotherapists, emotional eating is the core of bad habits. Instead of eating, you can indulge yourself in other activities that make you and your soul happy, eventually forming a healthy body. You can read about some weight loss tips for emotional eaters.

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So, go to the spa and have a relaxing massage, listen to your favourite juke list, or catch up with a friend. But never overeat or start munching snacks. It can put on your weight. 

How to motivate yourself to stay fit during the Christmas holidays?

Convincing yourself to move your body from fat to fit is a challenging task. Of course, getting out of your comfort zone needs lots of efforts by your side. The best weapon you can ever have by your side is your mind. If that is convinced, then you can keep yourself motivated all the time. It take effort mentally to motivate yourself to lose weight, but it is possible.

Furthermore, start from the start; make goals, and begin slowly. You must have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, coining the phrase slow and steady wins the race. Along with this, follow the above-listed tips. Don’t forget: This job is difficult, but only you can achieve it with strong determination.

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