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10 Tips to Choose Safe and Healthy Foods For Your Pets

Tips to Choose Safe and Healthy Foods For Your Pets
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Visiting a supermarket to get a healthy pack of food for my pooch has always confused me. It took me a long time to decide what would be the best healthy food for them. Re-reading the ingredients multiple times, watching out for the number of nutrients and calculating the protein percentages was irritating me very much. As it was also necessary to take care of their tastes and emotions and to take care of their favorite food. Gradually I found it easy to get my pets what they loved to eat. That way they were always happy, finishing the meal on time and never refused to eat. Also, I did not have to put effort into choosing the best foods.

However, the plan didn’t work out for very long. The food that was adored by my lovely ones didn’t keep their tummy delighted. More than that, I was unhappy too because the food that affected their tummy made them sick and as a result, my pup who always come to me running as I get back home from a tiring day was now not as cheerful as before and the kitty that never leaves my arms unless I fling her onto the couch, had isolated her completely. It broke me so hard, not wasting a minute further I decided to choose the safest and healthy food for my pet. Hence, I worked out on the top tips that were safe and healthy for all my pets, anyhow I did not compromise with the taste because my pets are awfully choosy with the foods. You must follow up to know these 10 tips that are completely safe to keep your pet’s tummy healthy and happy. 


1. Determine the nutritional needs of your pet

Picking up nutritional dog food is the first and essential step you should make while searching for safe and healthy foods. Don’t get fooled by the advertisements that is all human targeted. Good packaging and multiple platform marketing do not mean they are providing the safest items. However, you must thoroughly search about the brand and product on the brand’s websites, what ingredients they are using and is their brand scientifically proven safe for the pet’s health. Additionally, if you see any food allergy symptoms in your dog pet, try switching the main protein source in their food as a first step to understand the allergy and the second is to see a vet ASAP. 

2. Schedule their feed

Choosing safe and healthy food is equally important to mark how much they should take in food. We love our pets very much. We care for them and want the best for them. In return, they give us the most beautiful sensation of affection and love. In the end, they are animals. They cannot care for themselves as well as we can. Likewise, they can also not keep a record of their healthy diet as well as we do. You give them food and your pets will happily accept it most times besides whether they are hungry or not. Apparently, animals are always hungry; they only reject food when they are tired. It’s your sincere duty to schedule your pet’s feed for what is beneficial to them, what time they should feed their tummy and how limited food is required. If you cannot control it, consult a vet to prepare a scheduled feeding for your pet

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3. Look for the AAFCO labels on food packs

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is charged with regulating the sale and distribution of animal feeds. They establish standard ingredient definitions and nutritional requirements for pet foods. The AAFCO label on the food packaging determines whether the food contains essential nutrients and for which life stage the food is appropriate. It lets you know that the food is “complete and balanced” for a particular life stage. It is responsible for the wellness of your pet through its ingredients and is responsible for the better reproduction and growth of the little ones.

Tips to Choose Safe and Healthy Foods For Your Pets

4. Consider their life stage before you begin to feed them

Just like you cannot feed your baby the same meal you feed yourself. This thing is common in the animals as well. As you notice the transition from puppy to adult and from adult to senior, it is important to introduce appropriate foods in one’s own good time over a week or so, so your dog gets the proper diet that is required in his growing bones and muscles. This is important because lack of diet or overdose can make your dog sick. Knowingly, adults can be less active than the puppies or just as rambunctious! Generally speaking, adult dogs need less protein and fat.

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5. Keep a check on your pet’s weight

The ASPCA has a handy guideline for determining the transition from puppy to adult and adult to senior dog. In general, the bigger the dog, the earlier they age.

  • Small breeds and dogs weigh less than 20 pounds at their 7 years of age
  • Medium breeds and dogs weigh 21 to 50 pounds at their 7 years of age
  • Large breeds and dogs weigh 51 to 90 pounds when they are 6 years old
  • Giant breeds and dogs weigh 91 pounds or more when they are 5 years old.
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If the weight of your pups goes extreme beyond this, you need to control their diet and if that’s not the case see a vet as soon as possible. It could be a kind of diarrhoea; it drank the dirty water or something the vet needs to see.   

Consult the vet about how much food is required for your pet. You can easily find a vet near your place as with the growing number of pet lovers, veterinary assistants workforce is expecting a 15% growth by 2030. Sometimes your dog will just not do well with the food you give them.  It could either be a food allergy or just a bad tummy day. If your doggy starts throwing up soon after eating or loses interest in their food, it is time to get the new food and talk to your vet about any deeper concerns she may have.

Tips to Choose Safe and Healthy Foods For Your Pets

6. Adjust the food based on your pet’s activities

Most food packages recommend giving your puppy who is weighing 10 kg, 1-1/2 cups per day. These are just the guidelines, not the gospel. We can make the necessary adjustments in the balanced diet as per our pet’s activities. Surely you have a lazy dog who stays at home and plays with you all the time and sleeping is his other favourite hobby, unlike other pets who take a walk every day and loves to run, cuddle, play and enjoy all day. The dietary plan then matters a lot. The pet who is lazy and the one who is active all the time, one needs food to get energy and one needs food to regain energy. Although all the breeds should get their nutritional compiled food and the rest is, do not keep their diet heavy and don’t force them to eat anyways.

7. Avoid sugar, preservatives and food colourings

Sugary food might become addictive to your pets. They smell good and the food colours in them give a pleasant look that not pets only if we humans will be provided with the same food; we won’t take a minute to gobble it all. Since sugars and food colours are not good for the body. Too much sugar content in the blood can cause chronic inflammation, contributes to fatty liver and heart diseases. We want to save our lovely pets from these medications, avoiding sugary and food coloured substances is the only therapy. On the other hand, preservatives are the biggest cause of heart diseases. It is really painful why do you want your pets to suffer! Just avoid all these badly affected artificial substances. 

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8. Take advice from experts

Expert advice is needed unless you don’t see yourself as an expert. Experts not only tell you about the good dietary patterns and caring ways for the pets, instead they can even tell you the causes of the weird behavior of your pet for days or at any specific times. They are the pet’s guru. From what pets like to when and how they poop, the experts know the animals more than you as their most affectious could ever know. Your dog has changed his eating habits weirdly, see an expert. The cat’s poop has changed its colour? see an expert. The pet is becoming moody every day, see an expert. For every matter of your pets that are getting off your hands, immediately go see an expert. They will recommend you best bits of advice to cure and repair.  

9. Use the recommended supplements

Because the label says it will help your pet to become more active. How can you be so sure it will give no bad effects? See the doctor for any change behaviors, the vet will tell you if the pet needs (abc) supplement or (xyz) supplement knowing the age, weight, activity and behavior of the pet so it could lead to the least side effect results. Being a doctor yourself can create more trouble for you. 

10. Keep some extra cash in your wallets

Animals are the purest form of love. Nobody can unlove them- at least not me. When you decide to bring the little ones to your home. Now you are responsible for their living, food, dressing, medication, providing them with a good happy environment, giving them love and promising absolute care and security. This all does not happen for free, money is required. So if you think it’s an easy job, absolutely it is, yet it’s an expensive hobby that you cannot avoid. However, if you are shopping online for their food or toys, you can always look for deals and discounts to save yourself some money. If you believe you can hold the expenses of the pets you decide to bring home then be ready to spend on them too.


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