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3 Main Tips to Grow a Beard and Moustache Naturally at Home

Tips to Grow a Beard and Moustache
Written by Collins Nwokolo

It’s no doubt that men love to be the proud owner of a thick and rugged beard and a moustache. In fact, in some cultures, both a beard and moustache are definitions of power and act as a display of a man’s robust personality.

When it comes to growing a beard and a moustache, there’s more to it than just dropping the shaver because, for some men, it is challenging to grow them. That is why many have used some pretty extreme methods like medication and even beard and moustache implants, in a bid to make them grow faster.

Are you looking for ways that you can develop your facial hair faster? Well, here are the most effective natural tips that are guaranteed to stimulate the growth of both your beard and moustache.


1. Don’t be so quick to trim your beard and moustache

Yes, you read it right, don’t be so quick to cut your facial hair. Sure, it’s an essential grooming tip to keep yourself neat and presentable. However, if you want to have thick facial hair, refrain from trimming way too early. 

It is best that you first grow out as much beard as possible to provide it with a strong foundation for even more beard to grow. Afterwards, you can go ahead and trim your neck and cheek lines in your preferred style. The same goes for your moustache. If you cut it too early, chances are it won’t grow past where you left it. Therefore, please leave it to grow out as much as possible, then you can go ahead and trim it.

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Are you worried about the moustache looking all bushy and awkward? Well, that is where grooming comes. Let’s dive deeper, shall we?


2. Groom both your beard and moustache the right way

Tips to Grow a Beard and Moustache

When it comes to grooming, a lot of things go into the picture, so let’s explore each one of them.

 a. Clean your beard and moustache: Of course, every man cleans their face(beard and moustache included). However, the problem comes in how you wash it and what you use.

For starters, just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs special care. That means you can not wash it with regular soap. Thankfully, there is a wide array of options like beard shampoo that are made with unique botanicals to keep both your beard and moustache softer, moisturized, and of course, healthy. Just make sure you use one that has a pleasant scent according to you because that facial hair is right under your nose the whole time.

b. Oil your beard and moustache: Cleaning your facial hair with that special hair is not enough. Oiling it keeps it even softer, moisturized, and manageable. The icing on the cake is that it wards off beard dandruff. Of course, no one wants to see your facial hair having some weird flakes. Thus, there is a vast collection of oils that have very beneficial components; for instance, coconut oil for beard, tea tree oil, to mention a few.

c. Brush your beard and moustache: Now that you’ve cleaned and oiled your facial hair, you need to brush it. Brushing not only keeps it from tangling, but it also spreads the beard oil you applied along with the natural oils you have to keep it even healthier. You can learn morew about the top 6 beard grooming tips for modern men.

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3. Live a healthier lifestyle

Tips for Improving Your Physical Wellness as a Man

Leading a healthy lifestyle as a man is not only beneficial to your body but also your facial hair. For starters, eat healthy foods like eggs, potatoes, beef, name a few that have essential nutrients to promote the growth of both your beard and moustache.

Drinking water is also essential because it keeps it hydrated and naturally moisturized. Quality sleep is also very vital to stimulate the growth of your facial hair.


To wrap it all up

Growing both your beard and moustache doesn’t have to frustrate you to the point of having the thought of shaving the little that you have all off. With these tips up your sleeves, you will no doubt have that thick and healthy facial hair that you so desired.

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