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5 Effective Tips to Get Fit in 10 Days

5 Tips to Get Fit in 10 days
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Have you ever had a fitness emergency? We’ve all been there.
Your ex is getting married in a week, and you need to fit into that ‘freak him’ dress by day 5. There is a school reunion, and you just found out, and it’s vital that you look better than Melissa from the 8th grade!

Looking leaner, fitter and sexier than ever before is a dream for pretty much everyone. But for some, it is a matter of urgency, life, and death if you will. While fitness experts don’t agree with this extreme approach, it is possible to start at least using weight in 10 days. But getting fast results requires resolve and commitment.

Don’t expect to start dropping the pounds magically the second you start working out. But when you do it in combination with other weight loss tips, as well as follow through with waist training, you can speed up the appearance of the results considerably.
Now, if you are interested in looking thinner, leaner and slimmer in ten days or less, we’ve got the tips to get fit in 10 days. Here are five habits that will help you get in shape as soon as possible.

5 Tips to Get Fit in 10 days

5 Effective Tips to Get Fit in 10 Days

1. Drink Water

Who would’ve thought it’d be as simple as that? Starting your day off with two glasses of plain water has many benefits. Most important this simple act can kick start your metabolism. Regular intake of water can help remove toxins from your body as well.

If you ever feel the need to drink anything during these ten days, make sure it’s water because this is the only drink in the world that has zero calories and can satiate you in seconds. That’s how it also helps control hunger and prevents the consumption of unnecessary calories.

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While you are at it, become a water baby. In addition to upping your intake of fluid, also get your fair share of green vegetable juices if you need to change up and go for a swim at least every other day. Every season has its fruits, and these fruits are usually rich with water and minerals that bring balance to your body. And when you are bored and tired of continually drinking water, these juices and greens offer a fitful reprise. Certain studies have shown that men and women both can increase their metabolic rate by 30%, only by increasing their daily water intake.


2. Walk After Your Meal Or Run!

We understand, not everyone is cut out to indulge in HIIT activities every day. Exercise is an elusive idea to many people… that is until it is time to lose some weight in a hurry. For the next 10 days, walk for 10 minutes after every meal. This will speed up the digestive process and burn a few calories while your body breaks down the food.
Walking for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day improves blood sugar levels. These walks are more effective at keeping you fit than a single hour-long walk in the morning. Researchers are also convinced that post-meal walks can help remove cholesterol from the bloodstream. So the next don’t hit the couch or pick up that TC remote when you are done eating. Instead, get up, suit up and out you go for a walk.

If walking doesn’t pose such a challenge to you, and you want to see a phenomenal weight loss in a short amount of time, it’s time to make a run for it. This will burn up more calories, help you tone up faster, so you look thinner and reduce the after-effects of stress.

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3. Eat More Fiber for Faster Weight Loss

High-fiber foods are essential for a healthy tummy and can facilitate the weight loss process. Beans & legumes, bread & grains, as well as many fruits and vegetables, are fiber-rich foods. These help you feel fuller, faster and generally require you to chew for longer as well. This gives your body more time to realize that its hunger is being satiated and it won’t need more eating.

Fiber-rich foods are great for the body as they are more likely to be less energy dense. This means that you get fewer calories and more nutrition from the same volume of food. So for the next ten days start your day with oats for breakfast, or try wheat flakes and muesli for a change of taste. You can also include generous servings of fruit. Oh, and don’t forget to add a bowl of seasonal fresh salad with every meal.


4. Eat all your meals at Home

The typical person these days easts an average of 4 meals per week, outside the house. But for most professionals with busy and stressful lives, this number goes up to 2 meals a day, and in some extreme cases they have never cooked at home at all and live off of cheap, greasy fast food they can find outside near their offices.

Fast food is high in fat and calories, and it runs low on actual nutritional value. And to top it all off, it is often prepared using substandard ingredients that can be detrimental to health. So if you want to get healthy and lose weight fast, stick to homemade food made with quality ingredients without any preservatives or harsh chemicals. Cooking and eating at home is perhaps the most reliable way of ensuring that you are eating the absolute best, which is important for a healthy lifestyle as well as quick and consistent weight loss.

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5. Reduce your intake of Salt

Go easy on the chips and pretzels for the next ten days if you want to lose weight. The trouble with salt is that it is often hidden in foods and you may not feel it in the taste, but it is lurking there, especially in prepackaged foods.
Salt contains sodium, and exceeding large amounts of sodium can cause retention of water, making you look extraordinarily bloated. It’s very easy to eat a whole packet of salted crackers, and even a small pack can run upwards of 500 calories. It will take at least 2 hours of exercise to burn them off. So just skip those crackers and stick to healthy eating guidelines detailed above.



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