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Top 2 Ways To Strengthen Your Core

Ways To Strengthen Your Core
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Many fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers always dream of achieving flat and toned abs. The aesthetic features of your midsection may boost your confidence when wearing cropped tops and swimwear.

However, having a solid core not only gives you sightly abs but also helps you accomplish many tasks and household chores. It allows you to lift bulky items independently, maintain mobility, and perform a range of motion. 

The Benefits Of A Strong Core

Contrary to popular notions, your core doesn’t only refer to your abdominal muscles. This also pertains to a complex network of muscles in your trunk. For instance, if you’re performing a front lever exercise, you’re activating your pelvis, hamstrings, oblique, back, and even the upper portion of your legs. All these core muscles work together, improving balance and stability.

At times, the benefits of having a strong core can be overlooked. A strong core helps support your spine, prevents back problems, maintains good posture, enhances flexibility, and is good for overall fitness. If you’re a sports athlete, a strong core can help improve your stamina and coordination.

Most sports rely on a solid core. Conversely, a weak core can increase your risk for falls and injury, including back pain.

Physical Activities To Promote Core Strength

There’s an array of easy and efficient ways to boost core strength. These physical activities can be done in the comfort of your space, encouraging you to stay consistent. Likewise, these movements not only strengthen your core but can also improve your overall health.

1. Daily Core Exercises

Most people are aware of the many benefits brought by physical activity. Apart from boosting your physical health, daily exercise affects your mental well-being.

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A well-rounded fitness plan includes various core exercises to activate and strengthen your midsection. Core strengthening exercises involve a lot of hard work. However, its benefits outweigh the efforts to perform the work. 

The following are common, effective exercises that will fire up your core: 

  • Planks

Plank exercises are the go-to core strengthening activities for many fitness enthusiasts. Although it’s simple and requires minimal movement, it can help you practice and improve trunk stability. Doing planks targets different muscles in your core at once. It’s great for beginners and people interested in strengthening their core.

Plank exercises can easily be modified, depending on your current fitness level. For instance, exercise intensity can be increased by raising your leg or arms. With an array of variations and progressions, planks can result in a fun and challenging fitness routine.  

Similar to any dynamic movement, planks use muscles in your front, back, and side, which helps build endurance. To perform the classic plank, get down, support your body using your forearms, and place your legs behind you. Maintain proper form and make sure to straighten your body to prevent injury. A good form is much effective than holding your position in an incorrect one.

  • Crunches

Another go-to core strengthening exercise that you can easily do is crunches. The act of slowly lifting your body and bringing it back activates and targets your upper abs and oblique muscles.

To perform the exercise, lie on your back with your knees bent. Lift your chest off the ground and bring it to your knees. Repeat the movement and do it with care.

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If you’re suffering from chronic back problems, make sure to speak with your physician, physical therapist, or fitness coach before trying to perform this exercise. An expert can give you insights on how to do the exercise properly to prevent injury.

2. Yoga

With careful attention to every pose, doing yoga can be another way to promote core strength and endurance. When performing movements requiring balance, using your core muscles helps you stabilize and maintain proper form.

Whether or not you’re a fitness novice, yoga can be the perfect low-impact exercise for you. It’s gentle yet challenging enough to help you break a sweat.

Similar to the previous core movements, yoga can be done nearly anywhere. You only need your workout gear and a durable and non-slip yoga mat to support you as you switch from various poses. Not only will this physical activity condition your core, but this will also help boost mental health and relieve stress.

Yoga incorporates several poses, including boat pose, bridge pose, side plank pose, warrior pose, and more. All these provide you with an opportunity to activate and take strength from your midline.

Final Thoughts

Building a strong core can help boost your confidence in accomplishing daily mundane to heavy tasks. Taking proactive steps to strengthen your core is a great initiative to help improve your overall health and fitness.

If you’re suffering from occasional back pain, strengthening your core can help keep the problem at bay. Moreover, being consistent with your exercise routine can help you reap the other benefits of a toned and solid core.

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