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10 Most Trending Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Designs
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Outdoor cooking and dining together have become the latest trends, especially when you get a holiday and invite your entire family and friends to your place. The laugh, joy, and touch of the close ones feel special, and an outdoor kitchen can elevate the experience. You can add freshness to the family gatherings through outdoor kitchen ideas instead of confining them into the boundaries of walls.

If you still imagine that only the barbecue grills and soda pop cans are part of the outdoor kitchens, you haven’t manifested the latest outdoor kitchen ideas. You can add more spices and creativity to both your dinner menus and kitchen styles with the following outdoor kitchen design styles. Let’s see what we have got for your recreational spaces.

1. Grill and Bar Duo

Let’s start with the most ordinary yet non-skippable one. Outdoor kitchens imply fun, and fun is incomplete without spicy grills and fizzy drinks. So, include a combination of bar and grill to your outdoor dining, as advised by a renowned interior design Dubai expert. Throw a party for your friends or arrange some quality time with your nearest ones with this classic yet entertaining idea.

On an interesting note, such a bar and grill duo will perfectly suit your outdoor pool. Thus, if your home has an outdoor pool, don’t skimp on this simple outdoor kitchen idea. Along with your favourite drink, Grill would taste sumptuous and refreshing and that too after swimming at the poolside, no doubt.


2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

In case you and your family love pizza and don’t want to let it go out of tradition, then investing in a pizza oven is the right thing. Be it a chilly night of winter or a breezy day of summer, and pizza can set up your mood. And, instead of ordering pizzas from renowned restaurants, you can make your own at your home.

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All you need to do is to build a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard. However, the oven can bring more variations in the dinner menu for a Friday night. You can obviously make some space and time for your favourite pies in the same oven.


3. Kitchen Station Inspired by Pergola

Are you looking for an outdoor space where you can fit the entire cooking range? How about an open pergola with all your cooking essentials under one roof? To bestow the right positive vibe, you can choose white countertops that go well with the wooden beams. Additionally, you can cook your favourite dishes on countertops with the colour combination of white and something dark.

Are you out of clue when it comes to the contrasting appliances? Well, stainless appliances would create a deluxe effect on your pergola outdoor kitchen. You can add a perfect traditional setup by placing wooden dining chairs and tables near the kitchen.


4. How about a Fire Pit?

Have you already built an outdoor kitchen? Then, you must have probably set the cooking range and the couches for cosy dining. However, you might be missing something. To add the right sparkle to the dine-out, you can build a fire pit.

When it’s chilling outside, you can create a comfortable dining space outside with a fire pit. With the help of the right stones and rocks, you can easily invest in a fire pit. Give your outdoor kitchen a professional touch with a complimentary fire pit.


5. Stoned Outdoor Kitchen

Are you more into a contemporary look? Then, we have the right outdoor kitchen design suggestion for you. Keep your weekend entertainment spot ready with a stone fireplace. With a touch of stone builds, you can make way for all your modern cooking appliances. 

Don’t forget to place your favourite grill. Apart from creating the stone impacts, you can also make some space for experiments. As a part of experiments, wooden pergolas would definitely compliment your stoned outdoor kitchen. Finish up the decoration with the favourite pairs of chairs and tables in the dining space.

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6. Include Southern Charms

In case you want to include some extra grace and elegance in your outdoor kitchen ideas then you can borrow ideas from Southern interiors. When it comes to Southern charms, you would never fall short on ideas to amplify the beauty. You can hire one or a few of the following ideas for pumping up your outdoor kitchen ideas.

Consider stonewalls for your kitchen. In addition to the walls, you can keep the flooring stoned. Now, coming to the dining area, classic chandeliers are great for lighting purposes. Whereas a dark wood ceiling would scatter the right vibe for your weekend family meets. Lastly, you can make room for wicker chairs and iron-footed tables.


7. Patio Outdoor Kitchen

Want to keep the outdoor kitchen design idea a bit simplistic? Then, you can try out a patio kitchen. The interesting fact about an outdoor patio kitchen is that you are never out of the statement, yet, the approach stays stylus. You can add everything essential for the kitchen and cooking procedure.

Apart from the essentials to the outdoor kitchen, you can put up a funky board in the kitchen. In addition to this, add pop colours to the dining section. It can be anything, from dazzling red to vibrant yellow, whichever suits the outdoor kitchen atmosphere and your choice.


8. Modern Kitchen

A concept of a modern kitchen would remind you of functional yet optimised cooking space. It would be more fun if you could add a piece of nature to the kitchen. Avail yourself of a relaxing cooking atmosphere with modern outdoor kitchen ideas. We know that the modern indoor kitchen is one of the most convenient places to show your cooking skills.

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However, you would never go wrong with an outdoor one, too. With the modern kitchen equipment, all the cooking range, utensils, food items, and dinnerware are ready to be used at the right timings. Keep the hassles at bay with such a modern kitchen for your outdoors.


9. Utilize the Garden Nook

If you are a garden lover and like to spend most of the time along with plants and flowers, then this idea is for you. Transfer your outdoor kitchen to your garden and place your favourite plants. The kitchen will appear chic and sophisticated, no doubt.

Additionally, a garden looks incomplete without water sources. So, you can accompany water elements for your outdoor garden kitchen. You might install pools or waterfalls for your outdoor kitchen.


10. Rustic Kitchen

You can turn your outdoor kitchen into a farmhouse vibing outdoor kitchen without much effort. Because you need bare minimum products to decorate the kitchen, just make some space for the shelves where you can keep the essentials. On the other hand, you can keep the shelves with open-ends.

Or, you can combine the shelving system with cabinet style. The non-cluttered look keeps everything balanced for the rustic outdoor kitchen. When it comes to the roof, a quaint tin would be sufficient.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

It’s your Turn to Select….

We have represented the 10 most popular outdoor kitchen ideas for you. Now, you need to decide the suitable one according to the area available in your backyard or the house. It’s high time that you say goodbye to those days when you had to stare at the beautiful outdoor kitchens of your neighbours. Now, make your own and enjoy!


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