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7 Ways To Maintain Weight While On Holiday

Vacations are all about having fun and a typical one means you can get away with everything. From eating super fattening foods to tasting desserts at nearby cafes, spending quality time with friends and family is the basic idea.
Nonetheless, you are gaining excessive weight and with no workout sessions like before, imagine what scale you are going to end up at!
Fret no more! Avoid your weight loss efforts going to waste by following these super duper, easy tricks on vacations and maintain your weight while not compromising on having fun!
Ways To Maintain Weight While On Holiday


1. Timely Planning will Pay off
Do you know you are going for a long vacation in June? Why not plan ahead of time and worry less while being on holidays? Timely planning will pay off later if you commit to it now. Simply make extra weight loss and fitness efforts at the gym right now so that you lose more than you should. Once cuddling on the beach with your loved one, you won’t have to worry about weight gain for at least 10 days!
2. Enjoy Fun-Fitness Activities
We know holidays are all about relaxation and rejuvenation, but why not make them even more thrilling by adding in activities filled with energetic vibes? Yes! Rather than simply baking in the sun all day long, chill out with your friends by going for a hike. Hiking would be a great way to stay in shape while vacationing, it is a fun activity and you can also get to also associate with others. It would be great to have a reliable GPS tracker for hiking.
Additionally going for a swim, playing water sports, visiting the dance clubs, etc.
In case you already know you won’t have any healthy options available, be sure to pack your jump rope in your luggage for the last resort.
3. Switch to Smaller Plates
Believe it or not, this trick works wonders! By switching to smaller plates, you are not only opting for smaller meal portions but also tricking your brain that you are having a full meal, while you are taking in lesser calories than before!
Even if your small plate is full of food, you are still eating less.
Secondly and most importantly, when your hosts will see your plate is full, they will not urge you to eat more. Win win?
4. Don’t Ease it Out
Everyone wants the easy way out but not when you need to maintain your weight on the vacation! While you indulge in fattening foods and relaxing activities, take the difficult road when you have the chance. How? Simply go for the stairs instead of the elevator, walk when you can instead of riding in the car, etc. These simple, timely choices will make a lot of difference.
5. Monitor your calories
You are what you eat and it is better to know what you are consuming. Don’t go bonkers by calculating your calories all the time to eventually ruin your holidays, nonetheless, keep a tab on daily basis. If you know you ate more than you should have last night, maybe control your calorie count today?
6. Hydration is the key
When not in the comfort of our own home, we often forget to drink water. It is not wrong to ask for a glass of water 8 times a day so don’t feel bad about this one. If you feel you will be bothering the host by asking for water too much, carry a water bottle with yourself. Staying hydrated will not only keep you full but also keep you fresh and active for all those fun filled activities you have planned.

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7. Secret workout!
One secret way to maintain your weight is by working out when everyone sleeps! Workout your arms, legs and abs by going for simply cardio exercises which can be done in your room effortlessly. Voila!
Ways To Maintain Weight While On Holiday


These 7 super easy tricks are surely going to rock your boat on your next trip to the wonderland when maintaining weight is in question!
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