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How To Lose Weight The Right And Healthy Way

Written by Collins Nwokolo


How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Is trying to lose weight the right way and problem to you? I know it could be because the various methods you are trying a Failing or not working and you think losing weight is a myth. I must tell you this! It’s not a myth and the reason you’re not succeeding is that your methods are absolutely wrong. They are tons and tons of articles on the internet about weight loss and hundreds of weight trainers but the big question is! Are their methods healthy? Remember health is wealth and it’s the most valuable treasure known to man so please don’t play with your health. Are you thinking about losing weight the right way? If the answer is yes then I must congratulate you for you are thinking about your health and safety. This article discusses how to lose weight the healthy way, as well as some other important questions about weight loss .

 How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Does losing weight really matter?


The simple answer is yes. But I must tell you these people are of different shapes and sizes. So what is considered a healthy weight for one person is not necessarily healthy weight for I another person. And remember this it’s not healthy to be thin or to be too fat. To know about your require body weight please visit your doctor. Let me tell you the problems of being overweight or having too much body fat (medically called obesity)is that it increases the risk of you having health issues like;
• High blood pressure
• Gallbladder disease
• Joint problems
• Sleep problems
• High cholesterol
So I must confess you really need to watch your weight if you want to avoid such diseases. The big question is what causes us to put on so much weight?

Reasons why we put on so much weight

I knew this was your next question, so let me answer it. The answer is very easy; is what goes in us and what gets used up. If you are gaining weight it simply means;
• You eat and drink more than your body needs i.e. you take in too much energy or calories. There are some foods that cause weight gain. 
• You aren’t active enough i.e. you don’t use up enough energy
• You do both
The big question now is how do I lose weight the right way then?


How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way


Rule 1. Set realistic weight loss goals.
This step is very easy as it involves you set goals which you can achieve. Please never set unrealistic goals because it might spoil everything for you. It does not matter if it’s just one goal. Setting weight loss goals are a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight . Always endeavor to choose a goal that suits you and please let no one influence you. A realistic goal could be;
• To lose 2-3kg in the next one month, I know it sounds slow but its good chose reasonable to choose smaller goals which could be achieved than choosing a goal like “losing 10-15kg in 5 weeks. This goal is very unrealistic
• To reduce the times you buy take away foods to one time a week
• Go for a 20-30 minutes walk or run at least 2 evening each week
Reduce your time spend watching TV every day.

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How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Rule 2. Mind what you eat and drink.
Food and drinks are the main contributor’s weight gain. Please don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should go on hunger strike because you want to lose weight. Eating or drinking more than what your body needs is what causes you to gain weight in the first place. So when it comes to eating I recommend you choose foods with energy such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes like kidney bread, baked beans, lentils, and chickpeas. They are all filled with vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Eating those Enables you get full without giving you too much energy or calories.
Try eating just lean meat and poultry
Plain rice, plain pasta, plain noodles and break fest cereals.
When it comes to drinks I always recommend plain water you may ask? This is because water has no energy or calories I need the cheapest liquid and also quenches your thirst. Other alternative choices include tea, coffee, and soda water mineral water.
Food and drinks to avoid when thinking about losing weight.
• Take-way foods such as deep-fried foods, hamburgers, creamy pasta
• Cakes, sweets, or even biscuits
• Chocolate
• Potatoes chips
• Pastries
Drinks include: soft drinks, fruit juice, fruit drinks and alcoholic drinks


How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Rule 3. Increase your exercise levels (physical activity)

This is the fastest way to burn fat and loses weight I must confess. How may you ask? Being physical active uses a lot of energy, the more often you move the more calories or energy you burn. I know from personal experience that people struggle with physical activities or exercise because they think it’s difficult. But I must tell you it’s not as you think. And if you are thinking of losing weight the right and healthy way you must forget about the difficulties you may encounter.
• Go for a walk or a jog. This can last just 30-40 minutes every weekend. Always use health and fitness trackers because they help you know; distance covered, has GPS, measures a number of calories burned and even has music in most of them, all to make your running fun and easy
• Take gym classes. a gym is a wonderful place to visit when you are thinking about losing a few pounds why? Because in gyms you find many people like yourself and this could give you some encouragements. In the gym try weight lifting, aerobics, pumps, and spins
• Try a sport. This could be any sport, football, volleyball, rugby, cricket, tennis or any sport of your choice and I guarantee you this, you will testify of what it has done to you in just 3-4 times of plying
• Try swimming. When it comes to weight loss through physical exercise swimming is my best. It’s that physical exercise that requires a lot of energy .try swimming 2-3 times a week for like 2 hours and sees what will happen to your body size and mass
• Try doing yoga, tai chi, or even karate. It can be either at home or at training places.
The simple fact is that exercising while dieting  makes it easier to lose weight.
If you don’t want to stress yourself taking any of these classes you can just buy a DVD and practice it at home yourself. If you are pondering on how to lose weight the healthy way then, do not neglect physical activity.

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Rule 4. Reduce your sitting time.

Sitting and lazing around cause’s weight gain even though most of us don’t know it yet. You need to reduce your sitting time if you want to lose a few kilos.
At home
• Get off the couch and change the channels instead of using the remote control all the time
• Do your housekeeping. I know this may not sound like fun but it helps burn off extra pounds or kilos. Do the washing, ironing, vacuuming, and dusting.
• Tend to your garden if you have one. This is another need to sweet and burns some few calories. Try doing the Planting, weeding and even digging and I guarantee that you will not only have fun but a few kilos or pounds will be burned in the process.
• Endeavor to walk the dog yourself if you have one. It does not benefit the dog only but you as well
• Play without games with your kids if you have. That extra activity will help you a lot than you think. The shouting, don’t this and that to your kids helps at times
• Try washing your car by yourself
At work.
• Instead of phoning or sending your colleague’s emails, visit them instead. Your body will benefit a lot from the extra steps
• We usually have the idea that launch break is for rest even though am not disputing that fact but if you are thinking about losing weight, go for a little walk during your breaks
• Use the stairs instead of the elevator. I know at times you may be running late and may need to hurry, but if you want to lose a few pounds please make it a habit to always use the stairs. I know this can be tiring but that’s the proof that it’s working
• Always endeavor to do the filling. If you only knew what this extra steps can do you, you will always try to do the fillings yourself
Social activities
• Take a trip or trips to local parks and also take picnics. Activities that enable you to walk are highly necessary if you are thinking about losing extra pounds or kilos the right and healthy way.
• Endeavor to take outings. Outings such as going fishing, going to the zoo, gardens, fun parks. These places are not only fun to visit but they also do you a lot of good when it comes to weight loss. Any activity that allows you to move around makes you burn fat and calories enabling you to lose weight.
• Take walks with family and friends. This gives you guys the time to bond and have fun while working out and burning off some few calories together.


How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

They are many other ways to lose weight which are unhealthy to you but you may not know it. These unhealthy healthy can include fat burning pills which give results but have serious after effects on your health such as ;
• Nausea and vomiting
• Increases your blood pressure
• Effects your cholesterol levels
• Causes dizziness
• Causes diarrhea

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